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Restoration Rollout

Art Director
Graphic Design

Craftsman's Restoration Rollout is an in-depth look at the resto-mod process of a 1969 Chevy C-10 picup truck, by the Roadster Shop in Mundelein Illinois. The mini-series was broadcast online, and on Craftsman's social channels. The mechanics working on the car share their process, and why they choose to use Craftsman tools during their builds. The filming focused on the tools and craft of the mechanics. While filming, our creative team was overwhelmingly inspired by the mechanics, and decided there was an additional story we wanted to tell; the story of the mechanics themselves, and the creative process involved in the resto-mod of a vehicle. Through photography and stories told by the mechanics, we expose the creative journey of these true Craftsman, and highlight why they love what they do; create beautiful cars. 


Company: Suite Partners Inc.
Client: Craftsman
Printer: ​​​CrossTech Communications 

Creative Director: Greg Jones & Ben Roach
Art Director: Sam Fine
Designer: Sam Fine & Colin Baker
Photographer: Josiah Thorngate, Sam Fine, Rothwell Polk, Don Marshall, Mike Flaramo
Photo Editor: Josiah Thorngate & Kelly Morrisson
Producer: Hailie Meyer
Copywriter: Josiah Thorngate