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Cat's Pride Litter For Good Campaign

Creative Director
Art Direction 
Graphic Design

The Cat's Pride Litter For Good Campaign was inspired by Oil Dri's CEO, and the maker of Cat's Pride, Dan Jaffee. He wanted to find a way to give back to those that inspire us in the work and world of pet care, the shelters and shelter workers devoting their time to saving and improving the lives of all companion animals. Dan, along with animal rights activist Katherine Heigl, went on a journey to give back to shelters across the country, through the campaign we developed, Changing Litter For Good. The campaign involved a complete overhaul of the Cat's Pride brand including commercial spots, new and targeting digital marketing, social media content, updated website design and capabilities, all centered around the goal of giving back to no-kill animal shelters across the country.  


AGENCY: Magnani
Creative Direction: Sam Fine, Brian Riley, Justin Daab
Art Direction: Sam Fine
Graphic Design: Jeff Sant, Sam Fine
Copywriting: Justin Daab
Account Director: Elizabeth Ebsen
Account Supervisor: Sara Quoss Martin
Photo retouching: Chayenne Ellis, Jen Coffey

Cheyenne Ellis

POST PRODUCTION: Optimus Chicago
Editing: Carl Schumacher

PRODUCTION: Chelsea Pictures
Director: Thomas Beug
Line Producer: Michelle Currinder
Production Supervisor: Jennifer Wirrick
Asst. Prod. Supervisor: Kim Putman
Asst. Prod. Supervisor: Tom Morrill
1st AD: Rick Lange
2nd AD Miriam Footer
DP: Kip Bogdahn

Camera Operator: DJ Harder
1st AC: Shaun Mayor
2nd AC: Philip Hauser
2nd AC: Austin Green 
VTR: Kale Jessen
Sound Mixer: Andy Ahistrom
Boom Operator: Ryan Persersen
Styling: Nola Singer, Sorel Carradine, Kathy Eckenbrecht
Hair & Makeup: David Babaii, Angela Levin, Jana Salvatori


AGENCY: Magnani
Creative Direction: Justin Jurek
Art Direction: Jenna Rosier, Jeff Sant, Sam Fine
Graphic Design: Jeff Sant, Allan Cardenas
Copywriting: Justin Daab
Account Director: Elizabeth Ebsen
Account Supervisor: Sara Quoss Martin
Photo retouching: Chayenne Ellis, Jen Coffey

For the launch of Cat's Pride's Litter for Good Campaign, we needed to update the website's look and capabilities to best uplift the new initiave to allow customers to nominate their local shelters to recieve free litter donations.  Through a new and improved UI/UX experience, improved meta data and tagging, and SEO optimization strategy, we created a that best showcases the product, the new campaign, and engages with new and existing customers in a brand new way. 

ODCP SHOOT 2017-215ODCP SHOOT 2017-215