Restoration Rollout

After spending 6 months filming the mechanics at the Roadster shop in Mundelein, Illinois, for Craftsman's Restoration Rollout, we decided there was a second story worth telling; the story of the mechanics and the creative process involved in a resto-mod of a vehicle. Through photography and words of the mechanics, we expose the creative journey of the mechanics.


Company: Suite Partners Inc.

Client: Craftsman


Creative Director: Greg Jones & Ben Roach

Art Director: Sam Fine

Designer: Sam Fine & Colin Baker

Photographer: Josiah Thorngate, Sam Fine, Rothwell Polk, Don Marshall, Mike Flaramo

Director of Photography: Sam Fine

Photo Editor: Josiah Thorngate & Kelly Morrisson

Producer: Hailie Meyer

Copywriter: Josiah Thorngate

Print: CrossTech Communications